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The 2 Door Wardrobe: Two Doors are Better Than One

Posted on August 24, 2009 by Admin

When you are considering the purchase of a wardrobe, choosing a 2 door wardrobe can open up the door to possibility. If ample storage space and versatile options are important to you, choosing a wardrobe with two doors has the distinction of these elements. A 2 door wardrobe provides convenience with stylish design.

2 Door WardrobeMany double wardrobes are designed to house a section for hanging clothing and a section of drawers or shelves. This design works because it is functional and versatile. Typically, you want somewhere to store clothing and accessories together. You want a place to put away folded clothing, such as undergarments, that allows you the convenience of having it all in the same space.

Make sure your room can accommodate a 2 door wardrobe. You will need extra clearance for the doors when open. If you have enough clearance but are afraid to put a larger wardrobe in a small room, you can purchase a wardrobe that has mirrored doors. This will open your space visually and make it appear larger. Just make sure that you have sufficient space to move around without too much obstruction.

Once you have determined that you have the space, you can decide on a style of two-door wardrobe. Do you prefer traditional with a stained finish and nice carving detail? Does your room evoke a more relaxed, soothing feel that would welcome a wardrobe painted in crisp, bright white? Perhaps you enjoy the more chic and glamorous appeal of a fully mirrored wardrobe. The styles of available 2 door wardrobes are wide and varied. You can choose one that fits your décor and style perfectly.

When deciding on a wardrobe, close inspection will determine if it is of good quality craftsmanship. Study the doors to ensure that they close flush and hang level. Look carefully at the hardware to ensure that it is secured properly and in good working condition. Check drawers for ease of movement and shelves for levelness. Make sure the wardrobe sits level on the floor.

A 2 door wardrobe can offer many different storage options behind those doors. There are combinations of drawers and shelving units that go alongside a space for hanging clothing. Many times the shelves are adjustable, which gives you added versatility.

If you need all hanging space, there are 2 door white wardrobes available to fit that need. Some designs such as this also incorporate drawers underneath the doors, just in case. If you want a wardrobe that gives you more drawer space and shelving, you can choose a design that houses a series of drawers. These are perfect when you need space to store out-of-season clothing or linens.

When you purchase a 2 door wardrobe evaluate your available space, choose a style that fits your décor and a design that accommodates your particular storage needs. Inspect the wardrobe for quality in craftsmanship so it will last you for many years. If chosen carefully with these factors in mind, the 2 door wardrobe you choose will become a vital part of your daily routine and add great style to your room