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The 3 Door Wardrobe – When a Single door is Not Enough.

Posted on July 6, 2009 by Admin

A pine 3 door wardrobe will take your room by storm with its unbeatable style and more than generous storage options. Generally crafted with one section for hanging garments behind double doors and a section of shelving behind a third door, the 3 door wardrobe’s incomparable functionality and versatility make it a sure winner.

3 door wardrobeThe added storage is the predominant benefit of a 3 door wardrobe. The additional door with shelving tucked away inside makes for the perfect place to store sweaters, undergarments and accessories. Why not have everything you need for your outfit right in one place? The added width of this wardrobe makes for a great design to have drawers underneath for even more space. These drawers are the perfect spot to store out-of-season clothing or for additional room if you are an avid shopper.

There is no denying the presence that a larger piece of furniture contributes to a room. When it is a pine 3 door wardrobe, warmth and character are instantly enhanced. A pine wardrobe of this size will surely make a bold statement in any space. If you want a piece of furniture to add impact and to take center focus, this is the perfect way to achieve that. For a large bedroom, adding a 3 door wardrobe can balance and anchor a room.

Pine 3 Door WardrobeThe wardrobe can be crafted in various ways to suit many tastes and storage needs. It can be crafted with two available hanging spaces or one hanging space and one shelving space. It can offer a series of shelves and drawers behind one door, while housing a hanging area behind double doors. Larger wardrobes can offer a distinctive array of storage options, making the 3 door wardrobe a highly versatile component to the bedroom.

A sizeable wardrobe need not be limited to just a large room. If your bedroom is overcrowded with dressers and other smaller storage pieces, replace them all with one 3 door wardrobe. Even in a small space, a large wardrobe that offers a variety of storage areas can maximize space. Choose mirrored doors to visually open up the room. To further visually expand space, choose a light stain or white painted finish.

Offering plenty of space and a wide array of style choices, you may linger a little longer when selecting an outfit. You will benefit from a convenient, organized assembly of clothing and accessories. With a place for everything and everything in its place, you will cut your time getting ready for work. The bedroom will take on a light and airy feel as you will no longer have the need of extra dressers and chests. A bold statement in style and function, the 3 door wardrobe is the ideal element for a well-dressed room.