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A Pine Triple Wardrobe Makes a Great Addition to Your Home

Posted on October 19, 2011 by Admin

A triple pine wardrobe is a very cost-effective solution to all your storage needs. Because of its reasonable price and unique characteristics, pine wood is perfect in any home. You may choose to place a pine triple wardrobe in your bedroom or in another area of your home where extra storage space is necessary.

Pine Triple Wardrobe Designs

Most pine triple wardrobe configurations look entirely uniform when viewed from the outside, but inside the unit features and characteristics can vary depending on the model chosen. Such features typically combine a hanging space behind two of the doors, and shelves, drawers, or a combination of both behind the remaining door. The hanging space can be used for gowns, suits or articles of clothing for which wrinkle-free storage is needed, whilst the drawers and shelves can be used for almost any items you choose, including shoes, scarves, pocketbooks, hosiery, or even blankets, linens and towels.

Sharing Space

A pine triple wardrobe can also be used by more than one person, as such models are usually very spacious. The hanging area can easily be shared by two people and if the wardrobe features shelves or drawers, the use of these can be divided equally, as well. This is an especially nice option if your bedroom is shared with another person but features limited closet space.

Other Considerations

A triple wardrobe also makes an ideal storage device in which to arrange your apparel by season. Clothes that are out of season can be stored away in the unit’s drawers or shelves, whilst the hanging space can be reserved for apparel currently in use.

You may also decide to invest in a pine triple wardrobe for uses other than the storage of clothing. Such a wardrobe can serve as the focal point of a sitting room, study or living room, especially when a model featuring a lovely natural finish is selected. The space inside can be used to store coats, purses, umbrellas, blankets, hats or even items such as games, photo albums or electronic equipment. When you add this lovely and versatile piece of furniture to your home, you will soon discover that its uses are limitless.