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A Pine Wardrobe Is A Sustainable Choice

Posted on August 4, 2011 by Admin

A pine wardrobe adds style to any bedroom ensemble. The natural beauty of pine, coupled with the craftsmanship of solid wooden construction, makes a great addition to any home.

Pine has a unique colour and grain, and a pine wardrobe is instantly recognized. Wooden furniture is often made from oak, walnut or cherry, but pine is also a popular choice and can be used to tie other woods together for a natural look. A pine wardrobe will blend well with light woods such as maple or walnut. A pine wardrobe that incorporates a second kind of wood as an accent can tie together even very different shades of wood.

The choice of style for a pine wardrobe is quite varied. Gentlemen may prefer wardrobes with one or more sets of drawers, while women may find full length wardrobes more conducive to dresses or outfits. Wardrobes are available in single, double or triple door designs. Dimensions are available for garment collections of almost any size.

The natural wood beauty of pine is quite elegant. Surface protections included waxed, oil and hard-lacquered finish. These clear coatings display and enhance the beautiful grain of the wood. A more contemporary look may feature a pine wardrobe in a painted finish. One of the hallmarks of pine is that the wood takes paint well, and wardrobes are available in stock colours such as brilliant white, off-white and cream.

Painted finishes may also be combined with lacquered natural wood finish knobs, plinth and top moulding for a sophisticated look. The light yellow colour of the pine melds nicely with light shades of the stock coatings. This is a great choice for children or young adults, because it brings a sense of old world craftsmanship to an otherwise contemporary and thoroughly modern piece of furniture.

Socially conscious customers will be pleased with a wardrobe made from a renewable and sustainably harvested source. Pine grows very rapidly and pine forests are managed by timber companies especially for wood production. Harvesting is responsibly rotated to new acreage each year and new plantings replace mature trees. Pines are taken from purposefully planted and managed fields and not from old growth forests.