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A Solid Pine Wardrobe Is Built To Last

Posted on August 8, 2011 by Admin

A pine wardrobe is as practical as it is beautiful. A solid pine wardrobe is built to last, and it provides great value for money. Some vendors use the phrase to describe only the sides and front of their furniture, and consumers can be tricked into buying pieces with fibreboard backings or flimsy drawer bottoms. A solid pine wardrobe, however, is actually constructed of strong, sturdy pine wood. It features solid drawer bottoms, and the back of the wardrobe is also constructed of solid pine.

Pine is a softwood tree. Many customers worry about that term, and they wonder if a solid pine wardrobe will dent or scratch easily. It will not. The term softwood refers to the fact that pines keep their foliage throughout the year. It does not refer to the hardness of the wood.

Pine is also a very sustainable resource. Pines mature into harvested timber more quickly than many other sources of lumber, and pine forests are managed by timber companies in an ecologically responsible and sustainable manner. Harvested trees are replaced by new plantings to renew the forest and manage the companies’ raw resources. Some other types of wood are taken from old growth forests in an irresponsible and unsustainable manner. Although a solid pine wardrobe may not specifically be certified to come from a sustainably managed source, there is a high likelihood of sustainability simply because of plentiful resources that we grow in this country.

A solid pine wardrobe is characterized by a light, yellow colouration. This colour is one of the most appreciated qualities of pine wood, and it makes pine a great choice for rooms that need a more spacious feel. Pine furniture tends to open a bedroom that may otherwise feel crowded by a bed, chest of drawers and wardrobe combination.

Although the natural wood colouration of pine protected beneath an oil or wax furniture coating is enticing, customers can easily find a solid pine wardrobe as a painted piece. A painted wardrobe can blend with any décor, and pine holds paints and stains especially well.

A pine wardrobe can be purchased in a single, double or triple door design. It will typically feature full-length doors, but models with smaller hanging compartments positioned over one or more drawers are also available.