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A Solid Pine Wardrobe is Versatile and Elegant

Posted on June 22, 2011 by Admin

The versatile pine tree that grows in almost every country is used the world over for building, making furniture, fashioning decorative items and even for food. An easy to work with sustainable resource, solid pine wood is beautiful and durable, and is an excellent wood for producing lovely furniture that lasts for generations. As far back as records exist, pine was used to build furniture in ornate designs for elegant households or simple styles for cottage homes.

Pine endures as a favourite choice for bedroom furniture, such as a solid pine wardrobe for versatile storage. Wardrobes normally offer a section for hanging clothes and another area with shelves for holding folded clothing or bed linens and towels. Designs with drawers underneath are a welcome addition for smaller and out-of-season items. A solid pine wardrobe placed opposite another large furniture item gives symmetry and harmony to a room, providing a peaceful feeling especially important in a bedroom, for instance.

Relegating a solid pine wardrobe only to the bedroom, however, would not make the most use of this adaptable furniture item. Although wardrobes were traditionally used mainly as closets for clothing, they are now seen as useful and beautiful for almost any room in the home. One area of a double solid pine wardrobe can be used to place the telly inside, for example, with shelf space underneath, and the doors closed when no-one is watching programmes, giving a nice uncluttered look to the room.

Another use for a solid pine wardrobe is in the entryway or foyer of the home, where the style and tone of the entire home is established. What better way to welcome guests than to have a solid pine wardrobe finished to match the d├ęcor of the home, ready to receive their coats, hats, purses, and other items to be held for them. Just such an elegant touch will leave an impression on visitors for some time to come.