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The Old is New Again: The Antique Wardrobe

Posted on July 17, 2009 by Admin

There is nothing quite like the charm of an antique wardrobe. It has withstood years of use and still functions well. It has taken on a unique patina that only adds to its beauty and individuality. But is this necessarily better than a new wardrobe that has been painted and carefully conditioned to appear antique? There are advantages to both new and antique wardrobes. Your choice generally comes down to personal preference. But there are certain factors that can take some of the guesswork out of the decision.

Old WardrobeNew pine wardrobes can be created to look like a fine antique wardrobe. With paint, stain and even some carefully administered marring, the new wardrobe can take on an entirely different look. Of course, you may not want a wardrobe that is distressed. There are many restored antique pieces available that look brand new.

The cost of antique wardrobes is generally higher than a newly constructed piece. You are essentially buying a piece of history and must take into consideration the time and effort put in by the person restoring the wardrobe. An alternative to this would be to search flea markets for antique wardrobes and perform the restoration yourself. This allows you to create a wardrobe that is uniquely yours.

Purchasing an antique wardrobe is an environmentally-conscious effort. You are buying a piece that already exists and saving just a small portion of the resources used to manufacture new pieces. Despite the rapid growth and easy harvesting of pine, making a conscious decision to purchase a wardrobe that has existed for years is a nice effort.

The craftsmanship that goes into making new wardrobes may not be of the same quality that has been expended for the antique. The antique wardrobe is more than likely hand-made, whereas the new wardrobe may be mass produced. Extra care and skill may have gone into the making of the older wardrobe. Much of today’s mass-produced furniture is unable to match the standards of craftsmanship that were employed to produce the man-made item. However, with the advancements in furniture manufacturing, the quality of mass-produced furniture is quite good.

The style choices and storage flexibility of new and antique wardrobes is equally extensive. Some of the more elaborate wardrobes of the Victorian era are reproduced today as well as the simple lines and styling of the Shaker style. The variety of wood colors, stains and finishes is just as broad in the antique wardrobe as it is in the new. Design of the antique wardrobe is mimicked in today’s styles. There are two- or three-door wardrobes, wardrobes that integrate drawer systems and different shelving and storage options.

There are limitless options available for both new and antique wardrobes. The factors of taste, cost, quality and availability can certainly help the decision. Overall, the choice between old and new is personal. Is it out with the old and in with the new or old is new again? Old or new, the wardrobe is a functional piece that will add character and warmth to the bedroom.