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Sleep Easy After Choosing the Right Bedroom Wardrobe

Posted on September 4, 2009 by Admin

When choosing a bedroom wardrobe, there are several factors to keep in mind. Consider the space you have available, your storage needs and the style of bedroom wardrobe you want. In addition, quality and craftsmanship should be evaluated. When carefully considered, these factors can lead you to the perfect oak wardrobe or pine wardrobe for your bedroom.

Bedroom WardrobeOnce you’ve determined the space you have available, you can determine the size of wardrobe that will fit most effectively in your bedroom. For a small bedroom, don’t overpower the space with a large wardrobe. Consider your other bedroom pine furniture as well. Keep in mind the scale. If your bedroom is currently filled with large pieces of furniture, you may consider getting a larger wardrobe and moving other items, such as dressers or chests, to another room.

What is the primary purpose of the bedroom wardrobe? If you are considering one for extra storage, select a style that incorporates drawers, shelves and hanging space. This will give you the most versatility. However, if you lack hanging space you can choose a style that incorporates drawers underneath a two or three door unit that is dedicated for hanging clothing. Manufacturers recognize the need for a variety of storage options and you should be able to locate a bedroom wardrobe that is the perfect combination for you.

3 door wardrobeCheck the quality of material and craftsmanship. Most wardrobes today are made from pine or oak. Both are great choices as they offer durability and strength. Ensure that all joints are solid and any screws or fasteners are securely in place. Make sure the doors are hung level and close flush. Check the balance of the wardrobe to make sure it sits firmly on the floor. Check drawers for ease of sliding and shelves for level placement. Inspect the finish for any imperfections that are not characteristic of the wood itself.

Now the fun part! Choosing a style of bedroom wardrobe can be overwhelming. Start with a survey of your current bedroom furnishings and find a wardrobe that complements or offers a stylish contrast to what you already have. Is your room all sleek lines with a modern edge? A wardrobe in a black lacquer finish or a mirrored surface would be stunning. Is your room formal traditional or new transitional? Choose a pine or oak wardrobe finished in a rich stain and ornately carved to bring a touch of elegance to the room. Is your bedroom the epitome of country cottage? Opt for a white wardrobe. The styles are as varied as your imagination is wide.

Choosing just the right bedroom wardrobe is a process. Evaluate your space and decide what your specific storage needs are. Assess the value and quality of the wardrobe. Then choose the finish and style that best complements your bedroom. Once you’ve put the pieces together, you will have a bedroom wardrobe that will serve you well for many years and give you the best of aesthetic appeal and functional, versatile storage.