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Bedroom Wardrobes: Pining for Affordable Character

Posted on July 22, 2009 by Admin

For centuries pine has been the more available, less expensive wood for bedroom wardrobes. While the woodlands of oak and beech were owned by the wealthy, pine was more readily available to those with more humble status. Today, pine is a widely sought-after wood choice for those who want quality, long-standing bedroom wardrobes that are rich in natural character.

Soft, smooth and warm, pine is the ideal choice for bedroom wardrobes. With its characteristic tight grain and inherent knotting, pine is a sturdy, long-lasting wood that’s aesthetic appeal is obvious. These attributes make pine a popular choice for bedroom furnishings. A pine bedroom wardrobe evokes warmth and light. It contributes to the overall comfort and airiness of a bedroom.

Light and smooth by nature, pine takes stain and paint very well. Due to the various species of pine, it is available in a wide range of colours from white to yellow and reddish brown. These colours translate well when finished to let the natural wood characteristics show through the stain. When coated with just a high-gloss varnish, the results can be stunning. And when treated with a rich stain, bedroom wardrobes capture pine’s wondrous natural beauty.

Pine’s texture allows paint and lacquer to go on smoothly. This broadens the selection for bedroom wardrobes. Not only can you find different colours of pine, but you can select any number of stains and paint colours. A white pine wardrobe is the epitome of light and airy. The lightly varnished pine wardrobe is casual and homey. Bedroom wardrobes treated with a rich, dark stain add great visual appeal and character to the room. Painted in any color to coordinate with the bedroom, pine wardrobes are the ultimate in functional style.

Pine allows the even and smooth application of glue, which helps it to bond well. It accepts screws and nails well for secure hold. Pine is sturdy and holds up well to daily use. This makes pine a great resource for bedroom wardrobes that will stand the test of time.

Pine is the affordable option for bedroom wardrobes. Pine trees grow fast and are less expensive to harvest. This makes pine more available and therefore the cost to the consumer is less. And who can deny the fresh organic fragrance of pine? Even in manufactured pieces, the characteristic rich aroma of the wood still lingers.

Easy to work with, pine is perfect for carving and shaping. Consider the endless options of embellishment that can be added to the wardrobe doors by simple carved details. Wardrobes can be shaped with handsome curves and arches. The wardrobe base can stand on ornately carved legs that add dimension to the piece. Combined with the natural unique wood grain of its surface, creative carving and shaping of pine can truly enhance the bedroom wardrobe.

With so many colours available and so many options for finishes, pine is undeniably a great choice for bedroom wardrobes. With its natural grain and knotting, pine is warmth and character personified. Bringing it into the bedroom adds infinite charm and grace, while providing long-lasting functionality in a wardrobe that will be sure to take center stage in any bedroom.