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Built in Wardrobes: Costly or Cost effective?

Posted on September 4, 2009 by Admin

A wardrobe is a necessary part of the bedroom, whether it is standalone or built in wardrobes. Both types of wardrobe have their advantages and disadvantages. However, when cost is a major issue, the benefits of a standalone outweigh built in wardrobes.

Standalone versus Built in WardrobesBuilt in wardrobes offer an extensive array of storage options within a pre-determined space. There are spaces designated for hanging clothing, drawers for folded items and shelving for storing shoes and other accessories. You can have built in wardrobes designed specifically to meet your particular needs.

When it comes to customizing the built in wardrobe, cost becomes a major factor. Depending on what style and how extensive the storage you choose for your wardrobe, the price can be quite high. When you add to that the professional installation, the price can double. Of course, the finished product will be a wonderfully organized system that enhances the bedroom.

Consider the storage options of a standalone pine wardrobe. You can choose one that employs the same spaces as a built in wardrobe. There are designs available that house hanging space, drawers and shelving. The hanging space may not be as extensive, but you do have options. Pricing of standalone wardrobes can increase depending on the wood used and the size.

Another factor that will affect the cost of a standalone wardrobe is if you choose to have it custom made to your specifications. There are many purveyors of fine furniture that will craft a wardrobe for you specific to your design. You can choose the interior layout, the overall style and the wood used. A pine standalone wardrobe, even custom-made, can be surprisingly affordable in comparison to built in wardrobes.

Built in Wardrobes versus StandaloneStandalone wardrobes offer versatility that built in wardrobes do not. For example, you can move a standalone. If your room changes, you can simply move the wardrobe to a different location. You have to work around built in wardrobes. If you add more versatility to the built in wardrobe, generally you are adding features that will require an increase in cost.

Standalone wardrobes come completely pre-assembled or can be delivered in several parts, requiring home assembly. This is generally very easy to do and does not require any special tools or skills.

On the contrary, taking over the installation of a built in wardrobes can be quite a large undertaking. It can be very time-consuming and is best left to a professional installer. Attempting to save costs by installing a built in yourself may prove more trouble than the cost savings are worth.

In overall initial cost, built in wardrobes can be quite expensive. Purchasing a standalone wardrobe will prove more cost-effective. It is much less in cost and there is no excessive labor involved with installing it. The standalone wardrobe can be custom made to fit your specific needs without a much larger price tag. In the end, you are getting a cost effective, versatile solution to wardrobe storage.