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Cheap Pine Wardrobes Are Perfect For The Frugal Homeowner

Posted on August 11, 2011 by Admin

Pine and bamboo are two of the most affordable wood products marketed today. Both are in plentiful supply, both are eminently sustainable resources, and both mature into harvested growths quite quickly. Bamboo is actually a type of grass, but pines are trees. They are commonly called softwood trees, and this name often leads people to believe that pine is, in fact, a soft wood. While pine may be less dense than a wood such as oak, it is definitely not soft!

Cheap pine wardrobes are so affordable because of the quantity of pine on the market and available for furniture production. If oak forests could be planted and harvested in a ten year period, oak would be more widely grown, and cheap pine wardrobes would instead be cheap oak wardrobes. Unfortunately, it is not. Oak may take 25 years or more to mature. Pine matures much more quickly. Commercial timber producers manage huge forests of pine in order to supply wood for the construction and paper industries. The availability of pine wood for the furniture industry is a happy coincidence to these endeavours.

Cheap pine wardrobes are not cheaply constructed. They are made from solid pine lumber with tongue and groove construction. The drawer bottoms, when drawers are present, are constructed of solid wood. They are not fibreboard. Likewise, the wardrobe backing of cheap pine wardrobes is also constructed of solid pine boards fitted together with tongue and grove construction. They would perhaps more properly be called inexpensive pine wardrobes to avoid the image of shoddy quality!

Families on a budget will appreciate the heavy, solid pine ruggedness of cheap pine wardrobes. These wardrobes are built to last, and with proper care they can be passed from one generation to another in much the same manner as antique chests of drawers, beds and dressing tables are passed down from grandparents to parents to grown children now.