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Put the Fun in Functional with Childrens Wardrobes

Posted on September 5, 2009 by Admin

You want your child’s room to be fun, functional, stimulating, safe and stylish. Incorporating the right furniture pieces plays a large part in this. Choosing pine for childrens wardrobes is one way to ensure the integration of these elements to form the perfect environment for a child.

Childrens WardrobesPine brings warmth to a room and contributes to the overall airiness of a room with its light color and characteristic markings. These markings can be enhanced with stain or you may opt for painting it for a child’s wardrobe. Noted for its smooth surface that takes stain and paint well, a pine wardrobe can be a fun part of a child’s room. Painting it to coordinate with a theme or in a child’s favourite colour will make the wardrobe the centerpiece to the room.

Pine is sturdy and can hold up well to daily use. This is especially important in a child’s wardrobe. You don’t want to be worried about an item as important as a childrens wardrobe falling apart, breaking or wearing out. A pine wardrobe will outlast the clothing and possibly toys that will make up the contents of the wardrobe and become an indispensable part of the child’s room.

Pine is a soft wood that is easy to work with. For this reason, childrens wardrobes made from pine can be outfitted with many different storage options. Housed with lots of shelves, drawers and cubbies, the wardrobe can be a treasure chest of fun and discovery. Finding creative places to store a child’s toys, games and clothing in a childrens wardrobe can turn getting dressed or choosing toys into an adventure.

Princess Childrens WardrobesChoosing the right size for of childrens wardrobes is an important decision. You don’t want to choose a wardrobe that is too large, as it will interfere with a child’s movement throughout the room. The general design rules of scale and balance would apply. If the room is large, a larger wardrobe will fit well. For a smaller room, a smaller childrens wardrobe is a better option. Sometimes, a larger wardrobe will work well in a smaller room, as it eliminates the need for dressers and chests.

On the other hand, as the child gets older their clothing requirements may grow as well. They may need more space for shoes and other accessories. A wardrobe would also come in handy later when a child gets a computer. Childrens white wardrobes can be easily converted into a workspace for homework. Pine is the less expensive option for childrens wardrobes. As the child’s needs change, adding another wardrobe could be a cost effective solution to extra functional space.

A childrens wardrobe made of pine is a great option for including fun, function and style in their room. Pine wardrobes are less expensive and readily available. Solidly built and long-lasting, pine wardrobes can withstand the daily use of a growing child. They can bring great warmth and character to a child’s room and integrate well into a themed room with a touch of paint and imagination. Your childrens wardrobes are sure to be a place of many hidden treasures and long years of function.