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Corner Wardrobe: Turn the Corner on Functional Style

Posted on July 7, 2009 by Admin

A corner wardrobe can be the perfect solution to efficient use of space. Whether you choose freestanding or fitted, this design can transform a room. It can organize the space and add dimension and depth to a room’s style. When opting for a corner wardrobe, don’t let the options put you in a corner!

Corner WardrobeThink of the space-saving benefits and carefully consider the logistics involved. Is your room suitable for a corner wardrobe? Will it interfere with other features of the room or add to the functionality of the space? Should you choose hinged or sliding doors? Either fitted or standalone, careful consideration is required for your long-term satisfaction.

Take a look around your room. Decide where you want the wardrobe to be placed. Is there sufficient area around the space to allow for easy access? Ensure that you have an open path to the wardrobe. Make sure you incorporate enough storage options to fully capitalize on the space you’ve carved out for the pine wardrobe. By adding drawer units to the wardrobe you add instant versatility.

The corner wardrobe can greatly enhance the look of a room. It brings structure and dimension to a space. By installing a fitted wardrobe or placing a standalone wardrobe in a corner, the room is instantly transformed into a very organized space that is balanced. The area where the wardrobe is situated becomes the primary feature of the room. From that point, it will be easy to create a space to complement that feature.

When deciding on a fitted or a standalone corner wardrobe, think about the space and function of the room. Do you need extra space or storage? If so, a fitted wardrobe may be the best choice because it integrates into the rest of the room and eliminates the need for dressers. It can even be designed to incorporate a desk area. Try not to overwhelm the room. Choose a corner wardrobe that fits in the space and does not crowd other areas of the room.

If you are just supplementing existing storage, a freestanding corner wardrobe may be all that you need. This option is also good if you are very limited on space. Freestanding corner wardrobes are available in a variety of sizes and storage options. Make sure you have sufficient room to allow for door openings if you choose a freestanding wardrobe since most are outfitted with hinged doors.

When selecting a corner wardrobe, keep in mind the layout of your room and how it will fit into the space. Whether you decide on fitted or standalone, both make a handsome addition to a room. They can turn an ordinary corner into a highly functional enhancement. Bringing stylish versatility to your bedroom is easy when you choose a corner wardrobe.