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Features and Benefits of a Single Pine Wardrobe

Posted on June 23, 2011 by Admin

Single wardrobes are a brilliant choice for the storage of clothes and accessories, especially in rooms featuring limited space. A single pine wardrobe is a popular choice as such pieces are built to last and when properly cared for, offer years of enjoyable use. In addition, the beautiful and unique features of pine wood make such wardrobes an excellent option for bland rooms that are in need of a bit of stylish flair.

Getting Organised With Single Pine Wardrobes

Single wardrobes are typically designed for maximum convenience and functionality. Certain pieces are fashioned with drawers and shelves, whilst others devote all their space to the wardrobe’s hanging rail. The model selected will depend on the purpose for which the wardrobe will be used. Certain individuals purchase a single pine wardrobe featuring a spacious hanging area for their formal wear and a second unit that features drawers and shelves for leisurewear and accessories.

Additional Uses

Regardless of one’s personal preference, almost any home can benefit from a single pine wardrobe. For instance, such wardrobes can be used in spare rooms where an overnight guest may need a modest amount of wardrobe space whilst visiting the home-owner. A large wardrobe would not be practical or cost effective in this regard, but a single pine wardrobe would be ideal. A child’s bedroom is also a room in which a single pine wardrobe could serve a practical purpose.

A single pine wardrobe is perfect for a small home or flat and can later be converted to an accent piece should the individual move to a larger dwelling. Such models also work efficiently in large homes where additional storage is needed but one does not want to purchase a second large wardrobe that may create a cumbersome appearance in the area in which it is placed. However, a small pine wardrobe can be added as an accent piece that will provide additional storage without overwhelming the room. Regardless of the purpose for which they are used, single pine wardrobes add character to a home whilst at the same time boosting its storage potential.