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The Fitted Wardrobe: Big on Function, Small on Versatility

Posted on July 15, 2009 by Admin

The fitted wardrobe has been a staple in homes for many years. It has much space-saving virtue and can be augmented with shelving to enhance organization. The doors can be changed for a quick update in style. However, there are certain constraints to the fitted wardrobe from a space, style, cost and functional standpoint.

sliding wardrobeA fitted wardrobe may not offer the versatility of a standalone unit. Once a wardrobe is fitted into a room it is stationary and would require major reconstruction to change. It can take up a large portion of wall space and is limited to pre-set space constraints.

Unlike a standalone pine wardrobes, the fitted wardrobe limits your room arrangement options. You may wish to change certain elements of the room but you will have to work around the fitted wardrobe, making sure to leave sufficient space for easy access.

If you wish to update or change the style of the room, the fitted wardrobe may need to be changed. The style can be altered by replacing doors but this may be a costly and time-consuming task. If the fitted wardrobe has been installed with sliding doors, this may pose a difficult task. Sliding doors require careful installation to remain level. A professional installer may need to be employed.

The fitted wardrobe can add value to your home. However, if your home is placed on the market, the wardrobe may be considered by some an obstacle. Others may prefer a standalone wardrobe so that it can be placed anywhere. Prospective home buyers may want more wall space or need additional room area for large furniture pieces or for a children’s playroom.

When considering a fitted wardrobe plan for the long-range. If the fitted wardrobe is in a child’s bedroom, for example, consider what that child may need as he grows. And even further, what will become of the room once that child leaves home? Is the style you choose timeless? Does it add function and fit well within the room? These factors need to be considered so that you do not limit yourself in space and function.

Depending on the size and design of the fitted wardrobe, you will be limited by its function. You may require more storage options and adding components to the wardrobe can be costly in time and expense. If the wardrobe already makes maximum use of space, you are limited to that.

Once you have put much thought, time and expense into a fitted wardrobe and made the most use of the space available it will be disheartening to realize that you cannot take it with you when you move. With all of its style and functional advantages, the fitted wardrobe falls short on versatility. You will want to take this into consideration when planning and designing a fitted wardrobe.