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Enhance Your Home with a Mirrored Wardrobe

Posted on September 5, 2009 by Admin

A mirrored wardrobe adds instant style and light to a room. It enhances the space and brings in a touch of glamour. Incorporating this invaluable piece of furniture into a room gives the space an entirely different look while you benefit from out of sight storage. The mirrored wardrobe is aesthetically appealing and offers great interior design benefits.

A Mirrored WardrobePlaced in a small room, mirrored wardrobes open up the space visually. Strategically placed by a window, the mirror will reflect the light and bring the outdoors in. It will give the room a light, airy feel and enhance the space with a burst of outdoor colour.

In a large room, the mirrored wardrobe brings elegance and grace. It incorporates the modern appeal of mirror while offering the solid structure of a large furniture piece. It offers counterbalance to other larger pieces of furniture. If fully mirrored, the wardrobe brings glamour and cool contrast to a room that is mostly wood. In a room filled with rich upholstery and linens, the wardrobe fits in unobtrusively, reflecting the patterns and colors in the room.

The myriad of styles available allows you to choose just the right mirrored wardrobe for your interior. If you prefer just a taste of mirror for practical purposes, choose the wardrobe with a mirror on one door. Many three door wardrobes offer this design, with the mirrored door located in the center for a balanced look. If you want a touch of panache, opt for the fully mirrored wardrobe. Styles range from the sleek and simple lines of contemporary to the more elaborate forms of traditional. You can also opt for framed or unframed mirror.

Mirrored WardrobePlaced in a room with complementary pieces and soothing lighting, an antique mirrored wardrobe brings a nice touch of warmth and character to the space. It evokes memories of that bed and breakfast you visited in the country or the guest room in your grandmother’s house.

Consider the wall space the mirrored wardrobe will fill within a room. Take advantage of that to create a custom look. Treat the wardrobe as a canvas and create a wonderfully whimsical or subtly sophisticated piece of mirrored art. Employ stencils or hand paint the mirror to add dimension. Choose frosted glass or painted glass. Add your own personal touch.

When faced with a room less than extraordinary, bringing in a mirrored wardrobe adds light and dimension. By its size alone, the wardrobe is an impressive piece of furniture. But adding a mirror only adds to its allure. It enlivens a room and gives you the storage you need. It keeps everything stored out of sight for a cleaner, less cluttered look.

The mirrored wardrobe is the epitome of style and design versatility. It offers a little something extra special to a room’s décor. It lightens, brightens and expands a space. You can tuck away your clothing, accessories or linens behind the doors of this wardrobe while reflecting on its undeniable style and appeal.