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Carving Out the Benefits of Pine vs. Oak Wardrobes

Posted on September 5, 2009 by Admin

Pine and oak are both widely used for the manufacture of wardrobes. Both woods are attractive and have great natural character. Despite their similarities, oak wardrobes and pine wardrobes do have some distinct differences. But which makes a more cost effective wardrobe? A closer look at these two woods will help carve out the answer.

Oak WardrobeOak wardrobes are more expensive than those made of pine. This is partly due to pine’s faster growth rate and ease of harvest. There are also over 100 species of pine. Because of this, pine is more readily available, making it a widely distributed choice for wardrobes. With approximately 90 species, oak is highly available but it takes twenty years to mature. This makes oak wardrobes more expensive as a result.

Pine is a soft wood that is easy to work with by hand or machine. Although it cannot be carved as intricately as oak, pine does allow for nice carving. Over time, pine develops a rich patina that only adds to its visual appeal. It is light and smooth and takes many kinds of finishes well. As an antique, pine wardrobes are impressive in their longevity and character-rich appearance.

A Oak WardrobeOak is a hard wood that is very strong and heavy. It is used in a great many furniture pieces. As a wardrobe, oak stands up well to wear and is very stable. Its rough texture and distinctive grain give oak a very strong visual appeal. It can be carved easily, resulting in very interesting and beautiful details for oak wardrobes. Oak ages quite well visually and structurally, making it a much sought-after antique.

The availability of pine wardrobes, both antique and new, is quite extensive. The mass production of pine wardrobes results in lower cost to the consumer. As antiques, they are more readily available because pine was the easier choice for craftsmen of earlier years. It was also more readily available to those of lesser means.

Given that pine is as sturdy and as appealing as oak, many furniture buyers opt for the less expensive of the two. Why pay more for something when you can get the same quality and look without spending as much? Certainly, oak wardrobes are beautiful and there is no mistaking their unique markings. But pine has its own characteristic knots and grain that greatly enhance its smooth surface. When purchasing a wardrobe for aesthetic appeal at an affordable price, pine is a sure winner.

What about durability? Pine is a soft wood and therefore it dents easily. Oak Wardrobes are stronger and hold up better to normal wear. One just has to learn to care for pine. Or perhaps a distressed finish is desired for the pine wardrobe. This brings to light pine’s versatility. Distressed, stained or painted, the pine wardrobe is a handsome addition to the home.

In the end, pine will most likely be more cost-effective than oak wardrobes. Both are durable and bring warmth to a room. They are both very visually appealing. They accept a wide range of finishes and can be carved well. But when looking for a wardrobe that meets the standards of durability, beauty and style while remaining very affordable, pine just may be the definitive choice over oak wardrobes.