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Pine Wardrobes Are A Smart Choice For Any Home

Posted on July 27, 2011 by Admin

Pine wardrobes are a distinctive presence in a room. Generally, wooden furniture imparts a sense of craftsmanship and longevity. Wood has always been a preferred material for furniture construction. It is a smart and stylish choice for any home.

Wood has a colour, grain, texture and workability unique to the type of tree. Pine is a popular choice for furniture because pines grow in most parts of the world and have excellent construction characteristics. Eastern White Pine, Sugar Pine and Ponderosa Pine are commonly used to craft furniture pieces, but most regions of the world have an indigenous pine that produces furniture with splendid colouring and character.

Pines are called softwood trees. This term references the trees’ foliage and has nothing whatsoever to do with the hardness of the wood. Sturdy pine wardrobes are both durable and beautiful. Properly constructed pine wardrobes will outlast their original owners, and the light yellow colour and prominent, widely striated grain of pine wood creates an airy ambiance that will be desirable for decades.

Pine usually contains dark knots that add character to the design of the furniture. Pine wardrobes can be painted, although many home-owners prefer the timeless beauty of the natural wood grain. Pine also takes stain well, and can be shaded to any desired finish. Clear urethane coatings, lacquers or varnishes provide permanent protection of the wood’s surface while displaying the beautiful character of the wood. Oil or wax coatings are also used to the same effect.

Because pines typically mature more quickly than hard woods, the timber can be harvested more frequently and in a responsible and sustainable manner. Pine wardrobes also blend well with furniture made from different types of wood. This makes them an attractive option for rooms which are already partially furnished with other wooden pieces.

Pine wardrobes are available as singles or double pine wardrobes, in full hanging designs or with drawers, painted or in natural finish, in solid pine or in mixed wood designs.