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Sliding Wardrobes: Slide into Space Saving Style

Posted on July 27, 2009 by Admin

When you are looking for a space-saving storage solution for your clothing, sliding wardrobes deliver. Easy to install, simply designed and slightly less expensive than other wardrobe options, sliding wardrobes offer functionality while optimizing space. When buying sliding wardrobes consider space, cost, style and function.

Pine Sliding door wardrobes The chief advantage to the sliding wardrobe is that it is a major space-saver. When you are limited by the confines of a small bedroom, the sliding wardrobe fits in unobtrusively. It opens up a large area of space without the need for outward door clearance. You are afforded more floor space since you need not worry about placing furniture out of the way of swinging doors.

When having a new sliding wardrobe installed, choose the location carefully. Consider all aspects of the space you are selecting. Is it conducive to free movement? Does it maximize your room space? Does it intrude on other aspects of the room, such as windows or doors?  Keep in mind the permanence of the sliding wardrobe and make the most of the space allotted.

Sliding wardrobes are generally less expensive due to the ease of installation and their simple design. Of course, if you choose a more elaborate sliding system, such as three doors or split panel design, the cost will increase accordingly. For a simple two door sliding system the cost can be relatively affordable.

sliding wardrobeThere are a wide range of sliding wardrobes styles. You can opt for wood of any variety and finish imaginable. Choose mirrored doors to open up a small space and provide you with great viewing for trying on outfits. Get creative and install stained glass or painted mirror. For a more traditional look, have the doors finished in a decorative molding. Have the doors inset with panels of rattan or select vinyl or steel doors. The options are only as limited as the imagination. The finished product can be as extravagant or as simple as your room and your personal taste allows.

Sliding wardrobes are practical and functional. They allow you easy access to the contents without the interference of hinged doors. To maximize function, be selective with installation. Employ a reputable installer because sliding doors must be fit properly. Ensure that they are level, slide easily and have enough space so as not to catch on clothing. Check to be sure the overlap of doors does not restrict access to the interior.

Sliding wardrobes offer stylish advantages to the bedroom where space is limited. They provide hide-away storage of clothing and personal items. They can open up a room when fronted with mirrors. Sliding wardrobes can add character and style to a room that is lacking in depth and dimension. With the multitude of surface options available, the sliding wardrobe makes a significant contribution to your room’s style while providing long-lasting, space-saving function.