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The Small Wardrobe: Big on Style and Versatility

Posted on September 8, 2009 by Admin

Sometimes all you need is just a little more storage in a small space. That makes a small wardrobe the perfect solution. When purchasing a single wardrobe, consider the available space and your specific storage needs. In addition, to ensure that the finished room will be visually appealing, think about scale and balance of the wardrobe.

Small WardrobeThe small wardrobe is the ideal choice for a bedroom where space is limited. A small wardrobe can even take the place of a dresser or chest of drawers by combining a system of drawers with an area to hang clothing. This is one way to utilize the most of the space provided. If you purchase a wardrobe in person, consider taking a measuring tape with you to get an idea of its actual dimensions and how well it will fit in your room. Taking a picture of your room along will give you a better idea of how the wardrobe will look in the room.

Decide what specific storage you may need. Do you require additional space to store folded clothing such as sweaters and undergarments? Do you need more space to hang clothing? You can save yourself the dilemma of choosing between the two by purchasing a small wardrobe that combines both. Or if you think the hanging space will be wasted, choose a wardrobe that houses drawers and shelves only. There are many designs available so finding one that perfectly fits your needs will not be too difficult.

Small Wardrobe DrawTake a visual inventory of the furnishings already in the room. Evaluate the space that is available for the wardrobe. Will it fit in with the style and scale of the bed and other furnishings? When selecting a small wardrobe ensure that it is not dwarfed in size by the other items in the room. The wardrobe should create an even balance in the room in overall dimension. Try not to place the wardrobe on a wall with lots of other furniture, as the room will appear cluttered. On the contrary, placing it on a wall by itself will make it appear lost. Integrate it with the other furnishings. You may even consider purchasing two small white wardrobes for added storage and to balance an empty wall or a larger piece of furniture such as a bed.

As with any wardrobe selection, check for overall quality of materials and craftsmanship. Make sure it is secured well at corners and that the drawers slide smoothly. Ensure that it is level and stands steady. Check the finish for any imperfections that are not part of the natural look of the wood. Make sure the wardrobes doors open easily and are level, meeting flush against one another or the wardrobe base. Check the hardware to see that it is secured properly.

A wardrobe that is small in size does not necessarily mean it is small in character and style. A small wardrobe can add great charm to a room. Choose a finish and style that complement your room. The small wardrobe is big on versatility and space maximization. It is a long-lasting, compact solution to your big storage needs.