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The Solid Pine Wardrobe Offers Long Term Solutions

Posted on September 5, 2009 by Admin

If you want long term quality and versatility in furniture, the solid pine wardrobe holds up to that distinction. While offering the lasting visual appeal and character that is natural to pine, the solid pine wardrobe is crafted to withstand years of use in many areas of the home. Whether you purchase a wardrobe for the bedroom to house clothing or if you place it in the hall for linen storage, the solid pine wardrobe offers the perfect storage solution. If you use it in the family room as an entertainment center or in a home office for a computer cabinet, the furniture wardrobe defines versatility.

Solid Pine WardrobePine is one of the primary woods used to make wardrobes. Due to its durability, ready availability and one-of-a-kind looks, pine has made its way into countless homes via the much sought after solid pine wardrobe. Affordable and yet sturdy, pine offers a long term solution to storage when crafted into a wardrobe. Pine stands up well to daily use. It accepts nails, screws and glue well to ensure secure hold.

Storage options in the solid pine wardrobe are extensive. For a standard wardrobe, you have the option of hanging space, which allows ample room for longer clothing items. In addition, the wardrobe can contain drawers and shelves for a variety of storage needs. If you are searching for the look of a fine wardrobe but with the option to house a television or stereo, there are wardrobes that can accommodate these products. When you are searching for just the right accompaniment to the home office to enjoy out of sight storage for a computer, the solid pine wardrobe can serve this purpose well.

A Solid Pine WardrobeThe styles of pine wardrobes are as varied as their storage options. Due to its easy handling by machine or hand, pine makes for a great working canvas for creative style. The solid pine wardrobe can be quite simple in design or it can include decorative carvings that turn an ordinary wardrobe into a quite handsome piece of furniture. Pine accepts many stains and paints easily to create a look that is customized. Its natural light colour, ranging in shades of white to reddish brown, can be brought out beautifully with clear varnish. By applying a complementary stain, the natural wood grain and knotting show through to add to the pine’s warm look. Any style you choose, the distinct charm and character of the solid pine wardrobe will be cherished for many years.

Pine wardrobes hold a special place in the hearts of many. Perhaps they evoke memories of grandma’s wardrobe, a pine beauty that stood in her bedroom for over fifty years. Perhaps they stir memories of sneaking grandma’s clothes for dress-up or playing hide-and-seek behind the creaking doors of her wardrobe. Whatever the reason, the solid pine wardrobe offers an appeal that takes a strong hold and makes for a durable storage solution anywhere in the home.