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The Benefits of Adding a Single Pine Wardrobe to Your Home

Posted on September 2, 2011 by Admin

If you have a small home or flat where closet space is an issue, you should consider the addition of a single wardrobe. There is a vast array of designs and finishes from which to select the appropriate model. When a wise choice is made, this type of wardrobe will not only serve a practical purpose but a decorative one as well. You can choose a single pine wardrobe featuring a dark or light wood grain finish, or you may prefer a painted finish in bright white or elegant cream. If the single wardrobe will be used as a decorative object, consider a model with ornamental carvings or other attractive embellishments.

Choosing the Best Single Pine Wardrobes for Your Home

A home in the country or one that features a rustic décor is not complete without several pine furniture pieces, and a single pine wardrobe is a great way to add extra storage space to such a home whilst still maintaining its current décor. Unfinished pine furniture or pieces that are lightly stained are perfect for country or rustic style homes, as such stains allow the small swirls and knots that are characteristic of pine wood to remain visible.

If a home features a contemporary, trendy, or modern décor, a single pine wardrobe with a lovely painted finish in cream is a brilliant choice. If the interior of your home is decorated in French or antique style, a single pine wardrobe featuring French embellishments and a white painted finish will add the perfect touch to the room.

A single pine wardrobe is an ideal solution if your belongings have outgrown the closet space in your home, resulting in the need for an additional storage area. Regardless of the model or finish you select, you will be pleased with the functional characteristics and beautiful touch a single pine wardrobe adds to your home.