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The History of the Double Pine Wardrobe

Posted on June 21, 2011 by Admin

The history of wardrobes dates back as far as the 17th century and such pieces have evolved considerably over the years with regard to both quality and design. There are many reasons for the popularity of the double pine wardrobe model and in many areas of the world this model is the favourite choice of both home-owners and interior decorators. When opened, a double pine wardrobe features a large area for hanging clothing and the rail typically spans the wardrobe’s full length. Numerous individuals utilize this hanging rail for leisure clothes, formal attire, work uniforms and hanging ties. Some people even use the hanging rail as a place to store shoes, leaving the bottom of the wardrobe free for other items such as purses, umbrellas or even luggage.

An Interesting History

Pine double wardrobes were first produced in Europe in the 1600s when they were constructed as a cheaper alternative for those who could not afford wardrobes made from other types of wood. Previously, such wardrobes were mostly owned by royalty or the very wealthy. By the 1700s, the pine double wardrobe was enjoying immense popularity and by the 19th century pine wood was the most frequently used furniture material in Europe. The demand for furniture such as the double pine wardrobe increased again when furniture craftsmen began to paint and stain the wood and add various carvings and designs to the surface of the pieces.

Pine is a soft wood and therefore features slight blemishes such as grainy streaks and knots. However, these inconsistencies are partly what gives pine its unique appearance. It is for this reason a double pine wardrobe is an excellent choice for someone who wishes to create a rustic appearance in a room. Many double pine wardrobes feature strong durable shelves that are made from the same wood used to create the piece. Where beauty and affordability are concerned, there are not many wardrobe models that can successfully compete with a double pine wardrobe.