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The Practical and Decorative Characteristics of a Triple Pine Wardrobe

Posted on August 26, 2011 by Admin

If you frequently find yourself searching for favourite items of clothing or a missing shoe or scarf, it may be time to consider investing in a triple pine wardrobe. Such wardrobes not only add a beautiful touch to a bedroom, but also offer an ideal way to organise a large number of items in the most attractive way possible.

The Aesthetic Appeal of a Triple Pine Wardrobe

Although pine wood is a soft wood, it is frequently used for the manufacturing of household furniture due to its lovely characteristics and warm, light colour. Pine furniture featuring a natural finish is a favourite of many home-owners as various grain patterns and interesting imperfections can be seen when pine wood is left in its natural state. Such characteristics are not typically seen with other types of wood, making a triple pine wardrobe a truly unique item of furniture for your bedroom or other room in your home.

Practical and Decorative Characteristics

Various storage needs can be satisfied when a triple pine wardrobe is added to your current bedroom set. Models featuring hanging space behind two of the doors and shelving behind the third door are especially versatile. The hanging space can be used to arrange dresses and suits, whilst the shelves can hold shoes, gloves, sweaters or lingerie. Placed adjacent to a wall or directly opposite of another large piece of furniture, the triple pine wardrobe will balance the overall décor of the room and serve to complement either a contemporary or traditional interior design. Models featuring painted or stained finishes are also available, making it easy for you to match or contrast the room’s current furnishings and colour scheme. Regardless of your interior design preference, the addition of natural pine furniture pieces to your home’s overall décor can bring an element of natural warmth and rustic appeal to any room in which they are placed.