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Replace the Wardrobe Door to Give Your Room a Facelift

Posted on September 6, 2009 by Admin

There will probably come a time when you will need to replace a wardrobe door. Either you have decided to redecorate and need an update or the door is just worn out. Whatever the case, replacement of a wardrobe door does not have to be a major challenge.

Wardrobe DoorIf you are replacing a hinged wardrobe door, take precise measurements of the existing door. You will need to purchase a new door that is identical in size. This may not prove to be too hard a challenge due to the fact that most homes use a standard door size. However, do not take this for granted. Take measurements. Many suppliers can cut to order special sizes if needed.

If you purchase an unfinished door, you will want to paint or stain it before hanging. Install any hardware, such as doorknobs and hinges once the paint dries. Match the hinges, starting with the top. Put the hinge pin in place and use a hammer to settle it securely. Now slip the bottom half of the door into the hinge and repeat the procedure. Test the door to ensure that it is level and plumb with the door frame.

Sliding wardrobe door installation may be a bit more of a challenge. You should be able to purchase a kit for making installation easier. To remove the old doors, simply lift them off the track and disengage them from the top track. If you purchased a kit, remove the old top track hardware and replace with the new. There is no need to replace the floor track unless it is bent. Attach the door rollers to the top of the doors. Fit each wardrobe door into the bottom track and then guide the rollers into the top track. You can install track guides at the bottom to hold the doors in place and prevent them from swinging.

Solid Wardrobe DoorOnce the installation of the doors is complete, you can install decorative trim to hide any tracks or hardware. Check the doors for ease of movement and the tracks for any obstructions. The doors should move freely and sit level with one another.

When replacing pine wardrobe doors there are a variety of style choices. Whether you are replacing a hinged door or a sliding door, the choices are the same. Any door can actually be made into a sliding door when the proper hardware is attached. You can choose between mirrored doors or raised panel doors. For a more contemporary look, there are doors that are made from steel or vinyl.

The most important part of replacing a wardrobes door is taking proper measurements. This will ensure that the door fits properly and looks its best. Proper fit will make installation much easier. If you have to shave down part of the door or it doesn’t sit plumb, this will only add to the task. To avoid delay in your project, take the time to measure. Pick a style door that complements your décor. If the door is unfinished, apply your preferred finish before hanging the wardrobe door. In the end, you will have a fresh new look for your room.