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Behind Closed Wardrobe Doors

Posted on July 8, 2009 by Admin

The pine wardrobe is a staple in many homes. To fit into a variety of interiors, changing the style of the wardrobe doors is one way to add your own personal touch. There are many great choices in door styles – mirrored, raised panel, flat panel, louvered, carved or latticed. Take a look at the myriad of styles and discover what lies behind the closed doors of a pine wardrobe.

Mirrored WardrobeMirrored wardrobe doors are popular for their multi-purpose properties. They are practical and aesthetically appealing. Not only do they add depth and dimension to a room, they serve as a dressing mirror for viewing that outfit you’ve just tried on. Mirrored doors are a good choice for small spaces since they visually open up a room.

Raised panel doors are a widely selected option for their uniform design that fits within any room. Raised panel doors add depth and visual interest to wardrobes. The raised panel can be surrounded in decorative trim that adds further detailing. The creative use of paint can create a very distinct look for the wardrobe. For example, different stains, paint colors and paint treatments can be used on the interior of the panels to make them stand out from other areas of the wardrobe.

Flat panel doors are an excellent choice for the more contemporary interior. Understated and unique, the flat panel door brings out the simplicity of design and character of the wood. The distinct grain and knotting is highlighted. If opting for an alternative to stain, the flat panel is especially handsome in a black satin finish.

Louvered doors can bring an altogether different look to the wardrobe. Reminiscent of a country cottage, louvered wardrobe doors add instant charm and character. Taking a bit of creative license with paint can yield a unique wardrobe to accent your room perfectly. Painting the louvers a different colour or staining them a shade lighter than the rest of the wardrobe adds individuality to the piece. Practically, louvers allow a good airflow into the wardrobe to keep clothing fresh.

Carved wardrobe doors are available in many designs, from simple curves to more elaborate styles. Finished in dark or light stain, these carvings stand out to create a wonderful enhancement to the wardrobe. In white, the carved doors make for an enticing opening for the wardrobe. Who can resist peeking into a wardrobe that embodies such style and panache?

Latticed doors stir up images of the garden, bringing a touch of the outside in. Framed lattice panels can be installed as the actual door or can be applied to the surface of a flat door for added effect. Painted white, the latticed door is charming and adds great textural interest to the wardrobe.

When selecting a style for your wardrobe doors, think of all the possibilities. The wardrobe can become a work of art that is equally stylish and functional. Mirrored, raised panel, flat panel, louvered or latticed, the choice of wardrobe doors is varied and appealing to many different décor styles.