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Wardrobe Sliding Doors or Hinged: Opening the Door to Choice

Posted on September 6, 2009 by Admin

When it comes to wardrobe doors, the selection can be overwhelming. To help narrow the selection field, making the decision between traditional hinged doors or sliding doors may be the best place to start. Both types of wardrobe doors have their attributes, as well as their downfalls. Being well informed about your selection of traditional hinged versus wardrobe sliding doors will open the door to your preferred choice.

Solid Pine WardrobeHinged wardrobe doors are commonly more traditional in style but can be given a modern update. The majority of hinged doors are raised panel or simply flat panel. You can change the look of hinged doors easily by installing mirrored fronts or changing the flat panels to raised panel. Stain or paint can bring new life and a new look to hinged doors. There does not have to be anything ordinary about your wardrobes doors.

In contrast to hinged doors, wardrobe sliding doors tend to be more contemporary in style. However, sliding doors can be given a very traditional look. They can be raised panel wood, flat panel, steel or mirrored. Framing mirrored sliding doors gives a more traditional look. The variety of styles available for wardrobe sliding doors is vast. You need not limit yourself to any one particular style of sliding door. There are also split panel, vinyl and even leather sliding doors.

Traditional hinged wardrobe doors can be relatively easy to replace. Their size is generally standard for most wardrobe spaces. You can replace older, out-of-date doors for something more suited to your taste at a minimum of cost. If you have double wardrobe doors, be careful to ensure that they meet flush in the middle and are balanced properly.

A Solid Pine WardrobeWardrobe sliding doors are not that difficult to replace. However, you must ensure that they are hung level for longevity and ease of sliding on the tracks. With so many styles available, you may want to replace them for a room update.

The downfall of hinged doors is that they require space to open outward. On the upside of this, they open to expose the entire contents of your wardrobe. Conversely, wardrobe sliding doors require no additional clearance. The disadvantage is that you cannot view the overall wardrobe contents unless you have installed pocket doors, which slide into the wall out of sight.

A disadvantage of wardrobe sliding doors is that they can come off track, especially if not installed properly. This can be avoided if you ensure that they are maintained well and checked periodically for levelness. Hinged doors can settle over time and may drag. Ensure that the door hinges are strong and that the pins are fully in place.

In the end, choosing the right wardrobe doors depends on the space available, ease of replacement or installation, cost, style options and personal preference. Once you’ve decided on the type of door you want for your wardrobe, the other choices, such as style, will come easier. Contemplate what you want from your wardrobe doors and make an informed decision between traditional hinged or wardrobe sliding doors.