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Clean and Pristine: The Pine White Wardrobe

Posted on July 21, 2009 by Admin

When you are searching for a wardrobe for the bedroom, the pine white wardrobe delivers in functional elegance. White is a great alternative to stained wood and has mass appeal. Applied to pine, a white lacquered finish gives a clean appearance that conveys pristine, timeless style for modern interiors.

White WardrobeWhile stained pine has a more rustic charm with the distinctive grain and knots of the wood clearly visible, a white lacquered finish on pine makes for a very pleasing alternative. The natural light colour of pine makes it an easy choice for a white finish. The natural grain and knots often show through if the finish is painted with a light touch. If you prefer a more refined look, opt for a luxurious satin lacquer finish. When you want a refined and simplistic appearance, selecting a pine wardrobe finished in white lacquer is the fashionable choice.

The benefit of pine is its aesthetic appeal. A pine white wardrobe makes a stylish impact in a bedroom and is a robust study of clean lines and solid structure. Because pine is a fine grained wood with a smooth texture, it takes stain and paint very well. This translates into a visually appealing finished product.

Since pine is a very soft wood and can dent more easily than hardwoods such as oak or beech, the white finish provides a certain amount of protection from dents and other marring. However, special care should be taken to prevent this damage since the white may show the marks more prominently than a natural stain finish. On the other hand, if you prefer a distressed look, you can achieve this with intentional marring on an off-white finish.

The pine white wardrobe is an ideal complement to a modern bedroom. The clean, smooth surface of white lacquered pine lends itself well to the sleek and simple lines of contemporary furnishings. Large white wardrobes make a solid statement in a room yet does not visually take as much space. It blends well with other furnishings of various woods and finishes.

The wardrobe is a major component in a bedroom so it should convey a look that stands up to the attention it receives. When placed in a room laden with highly ornate pieces, the white wardrobe offers a sleek counterpart. It can transform an ordinary room into a light, airy space. When opting for a pine white wardrobe in place of the traditional stained pine, you are creating a fresh and clean look that brightens the room.

Whether you choose a distressed, refined satin or high gloss finish, the pine white wardrobe is complementary to any type of d├ęcor. It offers wonderful style and smart functionality with an elegant, clean appearance. The white finish is a fresh alternative to a stained pine wardrobe and breathes life into a room.