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A Wood Wardrobe Built to Last

Posted on October 19, 2009 by Admin

There is nothing quite like a handcrafted wood wardrobe. When making the wood choice for constructing a wardrobe, there are many species that produce very fine pieces of furniture. In order to determine the best wood to use, knowing how the wood will be finished should be considered. Just as important is the ease of working the wood and the cost. With these elements in mind, a look at a few different wood types will clarify the best type to use for crafting a fine wood wardrobe.

Hardwoods such as oak, maple, poplar and cherry are all popular choices for building furniture. They are generally more durable than softwoods. Oak is the most popular choice and has been used for centuries. It can withstand daily wear and holds up very well structurally due to its strong nature. The disadvantage of oak is that it can be difficult to work with. Tools must be kept very sharp to avoid chipping and splitting the wood.

Maple is another very durable hardwood although it needs special care to keep from warping. Maple can be hard to come by and is more expensive than oak. For these reasons, it may not be the best choice for the crafting of a wood wardrobe.

Cherry is a beautiful wood that is rich in colour and character. It has a very consistent texture due to its tight grain. Although durable, cherry is more often recommended for smaller pieces of furniture that will be stained to show its natural reddish color. It is also a more expensive hardwood.

Poplar is a good choice if the wood wardrobe is to be painted. Poplar has a very unusual color, varying from beige to olive green. It can even have purple grains. It is a less expensive option than cherry and maple and can be used to frame a project as well. Poplar is relatively easy to work with and takes nails and screws well. Tools must be kept sharp or the wood has the tendency to tear. Poplar does not take stain evenly and with its unusual colorations, painting may be the best option.

Pine, the predominant softwood used in furniture, is a great choice for the wood wardrobe. It is stable, durable and has rich grain patterns. It is very easy to work with, but caution should be taken as it dents easily. As when working with any wood, tools should be kept sharp. Due to pine’s soft nature the wood may be crushed instead of cut. Pine is the preferred wood because it is less expensive and so easy to work.

Hardwood or softwood, light or dark, stained or painted. These are some of the choices when making the decision to craft a wood wardrobe. When considering these choices, think about durability, natural characteristics of the wood, ease of workability, affordability and the finished look. Oak and pine are the predominant favorites among woodworkers. They are also the leaders among those buying wood wardrobes. Their versatility of style and character are unmistakable. With all the wood choices available, oak and pine still stand tall above the rest for the making of a wood wardrobe.