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Pine Care and Maintainance

Pine is a very attractive looking wood because of its natural grains and knots.  This is one reason why it is a popular choice with people who are looking for new wardrobe. 

To get the most from your solid pine wardrobe or painted pine wardrobes and to help extend its life we thought that we would provide you with some tips about maintaining and caring for your pine wardrobe once you have had it safely delivered to your home.  Most of this information will probably be common sense however it is all helpful to have a reminder.

Most manufacturers will produce their own guidelines and we would advise you to take the time and read through those.  One of the simplest but most important things to remember is to dust your pine wardrobe occasionally so that you don’t get a film of dust collecting on your pine wardrobe for to longer.  When dust mixes with moisture it can create crusts on the surface of the wood which can make it look tired and dull.   Some pine wardrobes are treated with oil, vanish, stains and some are even painted.  Depending on your type of finish you may want to consider applying protective wood oil to your pine wardrobe in the future to prevent it dry out especially if you live in a very warm home.  You should refer to the manufacturer’s guidelines before you do this.

Polishing your pine wardrobe with either a special polish or block wax can make your pine wardrobe look as good as new.  In some cases water resistant stains can be applied annually to help protect your pine wardrobe from natural damage.

If you frequently lift or move the location of your pine wardrobe then over time this can sometimes result in some of the nuts, bolts and pegs becoming lose.  It is always a good idea to check them and if needed to tighten them up.  I’m sure that this will all be good common sense to most of you and that you will as a result enjoy your pine wardrobe for many years in the future.