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Pine Wardrobe Wood Types

Pine is an excellent wood for building good quality wardrobes.  It is also better choice for the environment because conifer trees grow far quicker than other trees like oak which take many decades to grow. 

Although pine is referred to as a soft wood the varieties which are used to build a solid pine wardrobe or painted pine wardrobes are strong and can last a life time if well looked after and maintained.  Pine is a popular choice with many people because it is has a range of natural colour choices and is very pleasant on the eye.

Because pine is such a fast growing wood and because it is probably the most widely grown variety of tree across the world it is much more cost effective than many of wood types including oak, ash, birch, cherry, cedar, ash, mahogany, maple and walnut.  It is a sustainable wood and this make it an excellent choice of wood for your next pine wardrobe.

Pine is a popular choice for many people and there are many different varieties of pine and this means that you can find different natural colour options.  The three main varieties of pine which are used for furniture building are Scots pine, Douglas fir and Norway spruce.  There are many varieties of pine which are also used in boat building and for many other purposes including:

Scots Pine

This is the only pine that is grown commercially throughout the UK.  It is mainly grown for its timer with is known as “red deal” and “redwood” because it has an attractive reddish yellow colour.  It is used significantly for building furniture including pine wardrobes and is also used to build doors and stairs plus other parts of homes.  It is a strong and light weight timber which has an attractive look.

Norway Spruce

Most of us will have heard of this tree type because it is a popular Christmas tree variety.  It is also a popular choice for paper manufacturing because it has long fibres.  It is also a used for producing furniture because of attractive pale wood colour.

Douglas Fir

Like the Norway Spruce this variety is also popular as a Christmas tree.  It is a strong wood and has a beautiful grain.  It ranges in colour from pale yellow to a light red. 

Eastern White Pine

This tends to have a straighter grain and a fine and silky texture with a light to dark reddish brown heartwood.

Kauri Pine

This is very similar in appearance to the Eastern White Pine.

Parana Pine

This pine has a colour similar to honey and has subtle growth rings.

Ponderosa Pine

This has more of a medium course texture and occasional has an eye shaped pattern.  Most examples of this pine wood have dark resin duct lines and small knots that add character to the appearance.  It tends to have a light reddish brown heartwood and overall a pale yellow colour.

Southern Yellow Pine

The colour of this pine is main reddish brown with a yellowish brown sapwood. This has an uneven grain and a medium texture.